Balini Fabrics

The makers of Balini activewear believe that great clothing design should enhance the body’s natural movements. That’s why they’ve waged a tireless search for versatile, ideal fabrics.

Balini uses Supplex in their activewear. A perfect balance of Polyamide and Spandex, Supplex supports and sculpts the body’s natural curves, creating an intuitive fit that seamlessly combines comfort, breathability, and longevity.

Did we mention style? Balini activewear is designed to look great, no matter what your practice.

The custom curvature of the bra gives you a half-cup increase and the fabric will stretch up to three times its original size. You can be confident that your Balini activewear will survive through your wash and wear. Once you try our activewear, you’ll wonder how you ever wore anything else.



Our fabric is tested to the limits to ensure high quality clothing for our customers. Here are some tips to follow when taking care of BaliniSports Active Wear



A Polished Finish

Our fabrics are subjected to a polishing test that measures our fabric’s ability to endure abrasion which results in an extraordinarily resilient line of fitness gear.

Fabrics that last

We make sure our fabrics will last through the wear and tear of multiple washes so you can have the best quality yoga wear and sports clothing on the market.

Stretched to the Limits

Our tests simulates washing and drying conditions to ensure the elasticity and stretching capabilities of the fabric for our Bikram Yoga lovers.


Branded for Success

Our fabrics are sent to Invista for testing that ensure the highest standard of Lycra and Supplex is used. Invista is the leading fabric tester in the nation. Our products are issued official Lycra and Supplex tags so you know the fabric is authentic.

You can be confident that our high performance yoga clothing for women can sustain you during your toughest fitness sessions.

Detailed Inspections

Our hot yoga clothing undergos a detailed inspection by professional fabric specialists. Characteristics like fabric quality, proportions, sustainability, and purity of color are all taken into account. All of our fabrics pass dry room tests, constant temperature dehumidified dry room tests, and moisture lab tests.

This lets us know how our gear will react to your body chemistry and to different environmental conditions.