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DSC_3256 Ada Hung, Designer and Founder of Balini Sports, was once an international buyer for chain stores, turned small-town coffee shop owner, turned real estate developer.  While working as a corporate executive, Ada felt uninspired and too often found herself missing her husband, a globetrotting environmental engineer that shares her passion for work and travel.  In 2012, Ada decided to quit her job and pursue a longtime dream of creating premium yoga apparel for fashionistas.  She took the business online because it would allow her to work while traveling alongside her hub.


Though she always kept the bigger picture in mind, Ada struggled before she finally got Balini Sports off the ground. She intensely researched and visited many factories, but had troubling finding the quality of work and product that she would want to represent Balini Sports. Ada then reconnected with a friend from her past life who connected her with the vice president of INVISTA, the world’s top high performance sports and yoga fabric manufactures.  All these connections lead to meetings with leaders of her current teams of experts, and at the end it was her passion and sincerity that finally convinced these teams to take her company on as a new brand.  These teams have been working with sportswear powerhouses like Athleta, Adidas and Under Armour for more than 15 years, and they never worked with a new brand, let alone a start up company like BaliniSports.


Wanting to get the most out of this new opportunity, Ada decided to go back to her roots to spend 9 months working side by side with her new production teams in Taiwan. She was trained in every aspect of the production process from fiber, fabric, pattern design, fitting, manufacturing and product testing. INVISTA showed her the ins and outs of fabrics and fibers with a focus on their branded Supplex and Lycra. She studied the art of pattern design by a team of experts that educated her on all vital components of a properly fitting garment. Throughout, she worked closely with her manufacturing team to finally create the products she’s so proud to sell today.


After some risk taking and much discipline, determination and hard work, Ada is finally working on BaliniSports and traveling the globe with her husband. BaliniSports started because Ada is passionate about living a balanced yoga life style, and BaliniSports newsletter would invite all the health nuts and yoga lovers to share their stories and tips for the world.  Stay informed on Ada’s adventures and updates BaliniSports by signing up for the newsletter!


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