Balini Circle

Meet our fabulous Fitness Ambassadors!


These ladies has embodied our company’s mission to deliver beauty in motion!
Click on the image to know more about them.


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Chaukei Ngai for BaliniSports
Fawnia Dietrich
Coming Soon

Chaukei Ngai

Balini Yoga Asana Ambassador
2013 Int’l Yoga Asana Champion
Aim Gentle.

Fawnia Dietrich

Pole Fitness Pioneer
Pole dancing instructor and Studio Owner

Irina Kazakova

Olympian Contortionist
Rhythmic Gymnast, Reality Show Star


Priscila Iwakawa for BaliniSports
Fawnia Dietrich
Jennifer Boushy

Priscila Iwakawa

Bikram Yoga Teacher
 A meditator, vegetarian and nature loving yogini

Zhanna Maglysh

Pole Asia Winner
-Coming Soon.

Jennifer Boushy

Yoga Teacher 
Bikram Yoga Instructor and Biological Science Teacher

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