BaliniSports Fabric Testing and Quality Control

BaliniSports: Bluesign & Invista certified.

We understand that you desire premium quality yoga apparel that can keep up with your endurance and determination. We have the highest brand standards for our collection. You never have to wonder about what to wear to yoga again once you discover the impeccable quality and unparalleled resilience of our hot yoga clothes.   All the partners BaliniSports work with are INTERTEK and BLUESIGN  certified.  BaliniSports fabrics all have INVISTA Certifications as well.   We follow the same standards as Nike & Adidas.


Impressive Fabrics

The fabrics that go into making our quality yoga wear undergo a peeling test that ensures the fabric will last through the wear and tear of multiple washes inside a high-tech mechanism called a random tumble piling machine. This grueling set of fabric tests exposes our fabrics to the toughest circumstances to measure our yoga sportswear resistance. We do it all so that you can be guaranteed the best quality yoga wear and gym clothing on the market.


A Polished Finish

Our fabrics are also subjected to a polishing test. This process utilizes a mechanism that polishes fabrics in circles inside a machine called a crock meter. The point of this test is to measure our fabric’s ability to endure abrasion. The final result is a guarantee that you are getting an extraordinarily resilient line of fitness gear that satisfies the need of what to wear to yoga.


We Stretch Our Fabric to the Limits

We utilize the advanced help of a control system tensile tester to stretch our fabrics to the extreme so that we can guarantee every piece delivers results in the harshest of conditions making our fabric best as clothing for bikram yoga. We also subject our fabrics to simulated washes and tumble dry experiences to demonstrate how the elasticity and stretching capabilities stay in place.


Branded for Success

Our fabrics are sent to Invista for testing that guarantees the highest standard of Lycra and Supplex use. Invista is the leading fabric tester in the nation. Our products are issued official Lycra and Supplex tags to distinguish them from imitators. Our bikram yoga apparel and hot yoga apparel is tailored to perfection. You can be confident that our high performance yoga workout clothes for women that can sustain you during your toughest fitness sessions.




Detailed Inspections

Our hot yoga clothes products undergo a detailed inspection by professional fabric specialists. Characteristics like fabric quality, proportions, sustainability, and purity of color are all taken into account. All of our fabrics pass dry room tests, constant temperature dehumidified dry room tests, and moisture lab tests. This lets us know precisely how our gear will react to your body chemistry and to different weather environments.


Durable and Beautiful Yoga Gear

Your yoga lifestyle is at the heart of everything we do – love this life! You can trust our merchandise to keep you cool and comfortable during hot yoga. BaliniSports has a daily commitment to creating quality yoga sportswear that can keep up with your active lifestyle. Come check out our hot yoga shorts, yoga capris, yogi pants, yoga pants hot and yoga tanks with built in bras.

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