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[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]rying on some respectable forums yesterday [], I found this query probably from a new yogini. And it goes:

“Hi! I’m into yoga class for about a month now and planning on purchasing a stylish yoga wear online. I did my research and come up with a list of brands but these two stand out: [mentioning a popular brand here] and BaliniSports. I’m undecided on which brand should I go for, while [name of the brand here] is popular, is on the mainstream and this is what my friends recommended, BaliniSports. It was just starting out but seeing the stylish designs I’m starting to get torn between these two brands.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.”

To which another answered:

“[Name of the brand here]  is having some production problems right now and taking a hit with selling sheer yoga pants that weren’t meant to be sheer [bad material and no quality control], and it appears the brand being so popular has ‘cheaped’ out on production to produce tons of stuff to sell…. I’d go with Balini.”

The thread went on with additional bashing and which would be inappropriate and unethical to put here. But seeing these people here appreciating our line would say that what we have once as a vision is turning to reality now. More and more people can now distinguish the quality we put in our products. But I didn’t mean this to be too promotional article so let’s go to the lighter side of things.

Comfortable Active Wears

IT would be freedom from pain or constraint as well.

Comfortable active wears should start with the right fit and the right fabric. These kind of athletica or workout outfits are really a must especially in Bikram yoga and Hot yoga as well as more demanding fitness routines. Indeed, routines like these calls for a comfortable hot yoga clothes, hot yoga shorts, bikram yoga apparel, clothing for bikram yoga , pilates pants for women and yogi pants.

Stylish Active Wears

Style is achieved through the wearer and what he or she wears. But mostly, style is most sought for by women. Everybody is fashion conscious today that wearing it stylish means wearing it right that’s why they spend a hefty of time looking for yoga shops or a yoga store that can deliver. But style should also mirror who you are. You don’t wear stylish active wears to yoga and Pilates lessons just because the whole nation is into the brand. What bunch of clones can we become then?

What we advocate, my BaliniSports team and I, is individuality and taking pride from one’s body. You don’t hide it; you flaunt it with your own permission. Got to love this life, embrace yoga lifestyle and keep the balance – an addition to every love clothing yogini.

Other women’s dream of wearing stylish active wears became ours too. The colors, the prints and the style has been researched and tailored to current trends and needs of active women. Some of the famous yoga clothing stores are; Lululemon, Onzie Yoga, Phat Buddha and Shakti Yoga.

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