How Yoga May Help Relieve Depression

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How Yoga May Help Relieve Depression

Like the rest of the world, all of us in the BaliniSports family were shocked and saddened to hear about the death of Robin Williams. I want to take the opportunity to reach out to the yoga community to talk about the benefits of yoga while coping with grief over the loss of such a tremendous talent and legend. My reaction to the news was particularly strong because I have personal experience with depression. Do you want to know what helped me pull through it? Discovering yoga and founding BaliniSports. Walk with me on a journey through pain, healing, and finding my true purpose. Continue reading

The Perfect Pair of Bikram Yoga Shorts

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The Perfect Pair of Bikram Yoga Shorts

Attending a yoga class doesn’t mean showing up wearing a boring combination of loose shirts and yoga pants. Yoga shorts, affectionately coined as “booty shorts,” are a great way to switch it up and look great at the same time. When you look good, you feel good, and you remain diligent in your practice. Yoga shorts are a great option for yoginis of any shape, size, or style. Ready to take the plunge and try out a new sexy style of Bikram yoga clothes? You’ve come to the right place! Here’s why you should start wearing booty shorts to yoga and how to find the perfect pair. Continue reading

How To Find The Perfect Bikram Yoga Apparel Online

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The BaliniSports story is certainly serendipitous; a yogini whose passions for the Earth and for yoga found her creating an online brand of bikram yoga clothing that’s as good for the Earth as it is for yoginis. Shopping online for bikram yoga apparel can be intimating, so what better proof of confidence could a yogini ask for than having clothes designed and made by a yoga enthusiast herself? Here are some things to look for when shopping for hot yoga clothes online.

Continue reading

Make Everyday Great With This Morning Routine


Make Everyday Great With This Morning Routine

If you wake up and start your day off with positive feelings, thoughts and energy, everything else falls into place, and you can enjoy a productive, creative, fulfilling day ahead. Start incorporating a few habits into your morning routine, and each day you’ll see the benefits. Some of the benefits include: Continue reading

3 most versatile pieces of yoga apparel


3 most versatile pieces of yoga apparel


There are two types of people who buy yoga apparel: those who actually wear it while working out, and those who only buy yoga bras and pants because they’re comfy, cute and make one’s body look slimmer and more toned.

If you’re in the first category, you’re probably less interested in how chic your yoga pants look like, and more concerned about their functionality, but for those in the second category, the versatility of yoga clothing is of top importance, as the items are purchased to be wore not only to gym classes but also when hanging out with friends or traveling. Continue reading

The Benefits of Practicing Yoga?

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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

In our world today, there are a million different ways to get your daily workout in. From Fitness Centers, to personal trainers, cutting edge equipment shipped right to your home and even streaming Fitness TV channels. If you want to skip the workout all together there are a plethora of quick weight loss programs including meal plans and beverages with promises ranging from a better body to a clearer mind. Your options are seemingly unlimited in this day and age. Continue reading

5 yoga poses for slimmer legs


5 yoga poses for slimmer legs

Fake it until you make it isn’t the best principle when it comes to fitness and body weight. While you can dress to hide those few extra pounds or to look slimmer for a special occasion, it’s really hard to hide the lumps and bumps while at the gym, especially if you’re dressed in yoga pants and a comfy but revealing tee. Continue reading

BaliniSports is committed to meet Bluesign standards


BaliniSports is Committed Their Entire Supply Chain to Meet Bluesign® Standard

Yoga wear brands like PrAna, Adidas, and BaliniSports have now committed their entire supply chain to meet bluesign® standard, while already one third of Lululemon Athletica fabric mills are bluesign® system partners. Bluesign ® certification means that every part of the textile supply chain uses chemicals, processes, materials, and products that are safe for the environment, production workers, and end-customers. Continue reading

10 Ways to Bikini Body – Yoga Style

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Are you seeking to get perfect bikini figure in less than one month? If yes, then you should move towards yoga. It is Indian technique of achieving perfect shape of the body in less than one month. You can try it with your sexy yoga clothes every day and get perfect fitness to wear a bikini. Here are 10 postures that will surely help you in getting sexy bikini body:

1 – Downward – Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana


This posture is very comfortable to practice. Just wear your angel booty shorts and then stand in down dog position. In this position, your hips will be up, and you will stand on your feet and palms. Keep your waist and knees under your hips and shoulder. Thus, you will come in a complete position of down dog posture.

2- Down Dog Split

To practice this yoga pose you have to be in the down dog pose, but slightly you have to pick your one leg up in towards sky. Keep your leg straight up, and thus, your body will come in the posture of down dog split.

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3- Creacent  lunge – Anjaneyasana

To perform this yoga pose for sexy body, you have to change your down dog pose by taking one step forward. Keep your right foot between your both hands and one leg behind. Now see straight and lay your hand on your finger tips. It is low lung position.

4- Warrior II – Virabhadrasana

Standing in mountain pose first. Align your left heel behind the right heel and then turn your left foot out to 90 degrees.  Turn your hips out to the left.  Raise your arms with strength and make sure they are parallel to the floor.


5- Standing Split - Urdhva Prasarita Eka Padasana

This is an advance pose in Yoga.  Remember to always do the best you can slowly.  First you start by settling your hands down to earth and slope towards your right leg’s knee. Additionally situate your left leg up in the sky. Thus, you will come in standing spilt pose of yoga. Try this pose in sexy yoga clothes for more comfort.

6- Standing Split Squat

Bend your right leg’s knee and keep your left knee outside your right ankle. To balance your body in this posture, take support of your fingertips.

7- Upward Bow – Wheel Pose

This pose itself it’s a whole body work out.  First start by lie on the floor, and bend your knees.  Bend your elbows and spread your fingers on the floor, fingers facing your feet.  Breath and push your tailbone up toward the pubis, and use your core to lift the buttock off the floor.  Slowly lifting one leg up if whenever you feel grounded and comfortable to do so.

Angel Booty Shorts

8- Plank Pose

Start with downward facing dog, and inhale and draw your torso forward.  Make sure the arms are perpendicular to the floor and the shoulders directly over the waist.  Torso parallel to the floor.  Breath and hold for one minute if you can.  Repeat 10 times through out the day.

Plank yoga pose

9- Upward Facing Dog:

Upward facing dog is usually done as part of Sun Salutation.  Perfect for opening your heart chakra.   Start by lie on the floor with both legs close and hands next to your shoulder.  Slowly pressing the top of your feed down and lift your upper body by pressing into your palms.

Upward facing dog



10- Full Boat Pose – Paripurna Navasana

This is probably one of the most challenging exercise for abdominal. Sit on the floor with straight legs in front of you.  Slowly lean back and lift both of your feet at the same time.   Do your best to make sure your back is straight.  Both legs should be straight as well.   Ideally your thighs should be around 45 degree angle from the floor.

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If you will apply above mentioned yoga pose for sexy body, then you will surely get sexy body in less than one month.

Kim Kardashian in BaliniSports

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Love yoga and own your mind as well as heart confidently


From the living prodigy, Kim Kardashian, to any mortal souls, Yoga has been adding power to the very essential part of one’s life. The entire psyche and soulfulness of one’s life is fabricated by the exemplar essence of life that is fitness by way of Yoga and a proper yoga clothes for yoga. In a recent release it was found that even Kim Kardashian could not strive to fend off the exponential realms and vantage leveraging aspects of Yoga and was spotted in a Balini Sports yoga apparel. A heart throbbing living repute and stardom was seen wearing a BaliniSports Yogini Capris with a Birkin Purse. Nonetheless it’s a myth to follow the brain and mirth to follow the heart. Connecting mind, body, heart and eventually the soul is the true expression of Yoga. Continue reading