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Are you a yoga lover, fashionista and has a career driven personality? Do you enjoy yoga lifestyle, traveling and representing the top trend-setting yoga wear company? If YES, then we need you in our team!


We are recruiting teammates who are responsible, creative, social butterfly, and passionate about fitness.
Have to be well presented, trustworthy, punctual and communicative. Moreover, We are looking for sales representatives who would:

  1. Set up POP UP shows at yoga & fitness studios
  2. Promote and market the POP UP shows with Social Media channels
  3. Set up wholesale accounts and service our customers
  4. Career driving and passionate about Yoga
  5. Love to meet friends and travel around the country


If you are interested, please download and fill up the Employee ApplicationD.I.S.C personality test (directions: D.I.S.C instructions) along with your resume and all the questions below to Ada@balinisports[dot]com.

1) Whats do you see as your 3 strongest attributes.

2) Whats your biggest success? And

3) Why do you see yourself as being suited to this position?

4) Do you think you would fit with our company culture?




· Our Company Culture ·


  1. Passion: We are passionate about our work, and we highly require all our team members to share the same passion and believe in what we do.   Delivering happiness through beauty is our goal.
  2. Ownership: I am responsible for my actions and I will take ownership of all actions.
  3. Communication: We speak from our heart and we will always be open, honest and humble on our words.
  4. Education: Life is about learning, and that’s how we better ourselves.  We are committed to help each other grow and we are constantly learning and absorb new information.
  5. Be open minded and embrace challenges:  We are open to all ideas and we will not be effected by the challenges emotionally.
  6. Service: We make sure our customers can have the most relaxing and happy shopping experience.
  7. Royal: We love our company and we are royal with BaliniSports and our focus will be on BaliniSports.  We believe in the same goals and we all work together in order to meet our mission statement.
  8. Be spontaneous, be yourself and be grounded:  We need to learn how to love ourselves, embrace ourselves and see beauty in ourselves.  We also need to be centered, grounded and focus.  Do not be someone else, or pretend to be someone else, or afraid to voice your own opinions.
  9. Be social butterfly:  We love all our customers and we make friends along the way.  We need to care for our customers like how we care for our own friends.  Be friendly with them, be happy to see them and always remember we are in a business of making friends and spreading love.
  10. Dream big:  One thing I have learned is if we don’t dream, we will have nothing.  Dream small will only limit the flow from the universe.  Dream big, and wonderful things will happen for us.

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