Brand Ambassador Chaukei Ngai


ChauKei Ngai for BaliniSports : The brand of a champion

When we had the deal to work with the manufacturer of the renowned brand; Nike, Adidas, Prana, Athletica, and Zella , We can’t think of nobody but a perfect fit for the brand ambassador – Chaukei Ngai. She is as thrilled as us  in starting the project and we are ecstatic!

 About Chaukei Ngai. ChauKei (pronounced chow kay) was born without breath, and yoga gave it back to her. Born in Hong Kong China, two months early and weighing only four pounds, her lungs weren’t ready for the world. A mechanical ventilator and extra oxygen kept her alive for her first thirty days. Her parents named her ChauKei, “The Miracle in the Fall,” and prayed. In 2005, she attended her first yoga class and never turned back. She had had her last attack of breathlessness and had found her life’s passion.In addition to her devotion to her yoga practice, ChauKei is the proud parent of a vibrant 4 year old boy and a Certified Holistic Health Counselor. Her wide range of unique skills have nurtured and motivated thousands to live a healthier lifestyle.

On being a Champion. After six years of competing, ChauKei said of her win, “After this championship, I’m thrilled to see all the pieces come together into a picture of what I’ve been trying to achieve in the past few years. All the small steps, glamorous changes, and seemingly untimely moments are part of it.” Constantly facing and embracing our emotions in the present moment leads to a series of courageous performances throughout life – it is what epitomizes healthy competition and taps into the champion within all of us.




Ada hung and Chaukei shared the same vision, “Spread love through yoga and our goal is to wish more and more people would began to find love within themselves through the practice of yoga.


Working with Chaukei Ngai has been a wonderful experience. Like her, BaliniSport yoga workout clothes and sportswear are inspired for strength, flexibility, focus and dedication. Its for yoginis and modern woman with high standards with fashion. We give you more reason to celebrate the yoga lifestyle and love this life!


As a bikram yoga teacher, she knows that a good  bikram yoga apparel goes hand in hand, picking a good yoga workout clothes for women could be tricky as there are a lot of things to consider apart from style. That’s why knowing that BaliniSports can deliver both style and functionality, Chaukei is impressed and that is where she fall in love with the collection.


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Bonus feature:

Watch the behind the scene during the photoshoot for the BaliniSports 2014 Collection