Pearl of the Orient Bra

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Women love tube top as a yoga wear clothing or bikram yoga apparel but they always worry about it falling down. With the Pearl Of Orient, we eradicate that possibility. Perfect as a bikram yoga wear and hot yoga clothes as well, we take the stress out of straps and enjoy sturdy support with exotic flair. Our tailer performed magic while sewing, so you simply relax and enjoy your workout routine while less worrying about your workout wear.

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One size fits most.  For larger bosom women, you can wear the thicker band at bottom.  For smaller chest women, you can wear the thicker stretch band at top.


Polyester and Spandex imported. Double Lines.
Machine Wash Cold – Include Vinegar at first wash to prevent color fading.
Tumble Dry or Lay Flat to dry.

Inspired for Pole Dancing, Yoga, Pilate, Running, and Gym Training.

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Chocolate Coral, Camellia